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Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker Telescope publisher: Celestron
EAN: 0050234210492
sales rank: 90
price: $110.00 (new), $119.75 (used)
Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker Telescope

Celestron 21035 70mm Travel Scope publisher: Celestron
EAN: 0796594453482
sales rank: 81
price: $71.99 (new), $65.00 (used)
This telescope was designed with traveling in mind while offering exceptional value. The Travel Scope is made of the highest quality materials to ensure stability and durability. All this adds up to a telescope that gives you a lifetime of pleasure with a minimal amount of maintenance. Featuring a compact and portable design with ample optical performance, the Travel Scope is ideal for terrestrial as well as casual astronomical observation.

Celestron 31051 AstroMaster 130EQ MD Telescope publisher: Celestron
ASIN: B0013Z42AK
EAN: 0050234310512
sales rank: 2552
price: $225.08 (new), $203.48 (used)
If you're looking for a dual-purpose telescope appropriate for both terrestrial and celestial viewing, then the AstroMaster Series is for you. Each AstroMaster model is capable of giving correct views of land and sky. The AstroMaster Series produce bright, clear images of the Moon and planets. It is easy to see the moons of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn with every one of these fine instruments. For views of the brighter deep space objects like galaxies and nebulae, we recommend the larger aperture and light gathering ability of the Newtonian reflectors. This model includes the motor drive for automatic tracking.

Gskyer Telescope, 80mm AZ Space Astronomical Refractor Telescope, German Technology Scope publisher: Gskyer
EAN: 6957825488084
price: $167.39 (new)
General Features
Optical Design: Refractor
Aperture: 80mm(3.2in)
Focal Length: 400mm(15.75in)
Focal Ratio: F5
Eyepiece1: 25mm(0.98in)
Magnification1: 16X
Eyepiece2: 10mm(0.39in)
Magnification2: 40X
Eyepiece3: 5mm(0.196n)
Magnification3: 80X
Max Magnification: 120
Finderscope: 6*30
Zenith Mirrors: 48°Erecting BAK7 prism
Mount: AZ Altazimuth Mount
Optical coating: Multi Antireflection Green Film
Barlow lens: 3X
Resolution: ≤3.1
Angular Field of View: 2°24"
Tuble connection: Hook Dovetail Plate
Tripod: 1.27inch stainless steel Tripod
Shipping Weight: 8.6Kg(18.95 lb)
Item Dimensions:3.97in*1.3in*0.85in

Product Description
Ideal for the observer who views both astronomical and terrestrial objects, the Gskyer Infinity Series combines an altazimuth mount and quality optics for a superb value. For newcomers and beginners alike, these refracting telescopes are a great way for you to discover the cosmos and the outdoors. You’ll discover more with the Gskyer Infinity Series.If you’ve never owned a telescope before, the Infinity 80mm Refractor is a great telescope to get started in astronomy. This 80mm (3.2") aperture gives bright, sharp images for both land and celestial objects. Whether you're viewing the rings of Saturn, the moons of Jupiter, surface details on the Moon, or terrestrial objects, the Infinity 80 Refractor allows the first-time observer to explore the world, solar system, and beyond.

MaxUSee 70mm Telescope for Kids & Beginners, Travel scope with Backpack for Bird Watching Sightseeing, Spotting Telescope with Adjustable Tripod & Universal Smartphone Adapter publisher: Maxunite
EAN: 0611434208070
sales rank: 43187
price: $79.99 (new), $67.50 (used)
* MaxUSee Refractor Telescope F40070WA with Backpack - Travel Scope with full size tripod and Universal Smartphone Adapter.
This F40070WA telescope comes with 2 interchangeable eyepieces (K9mm & K20mm) as well as 3X Barlow lens which you can enjoy different magnifications from 20X to 132X, you can always view the erect images with the 45 ° diagonal prism, you can also use your cell phone for video camera and image capturing with the Smartphone adapter. Both adults and kids can find lots of fun to explore the nature of the world from this telescope.

Aperture: 70mm
Focal length: 400mm
Finder Scope: 5X24
Diagonal: 45 ° Erect Diagonal Prism
Eyepieces: 1.25" K9mm & K20mm
Accessories: 3X Barlow lens, Moon mirror, Universal Smartphone Adapter
Tripod: Adjustable Full-size Aluminum Tripod
Magnification: 20X - 132X
Packed in Backpack & Giftbox

The focal length of the eyepiece, combined with the focal length of the telescope, determine the magnification power. To calculate the power of your telescope with any particular eyepiece, simply divide the focal length of the telescope (400mm) by the focal length of the eyepiece (indicated in "mm" on the eyepiece collar). For example, when you use the eyepiece K20mm with this telescope, the magnification will be 20X.

1X Telescope
1X Tripod
1X Erect Diagonal Prism
1X Barlow Lens
1X Finder Scope
1X K20mm Eyepiece
1X K9mm Eyepiece
1X Moon mirror
1X Universal Smartphone Adapter
1X Moon Map
1X Stars Map
1X Backpack

NEVER aim your telescope at the sun or even close to the sun!

Gskyer Telescope, 600x90mm AZ Astronomical Refractor Telescope, German Technology Scope publisher: Gskyer
EAN: 0712407692794
sales rank: 1967
price: $212.99 (new)
Telescope Specification
- Aperture: 90mm(3.5in)
- Focal Length: 600mm(23.62in)
- Focal Ratio: F6.7
- Eyepiece1: 25mm(0.98in)
- Magnification1: 24X
- Eyepiece2: 10mm(0.39in)
- Magnification2: 60X
- Eyepiece3: 5mm(0.196n)
- Magnification3: 120X
- Max Magnification: 360
- Finderscope: 6*30
- Zenith Mirrors: 48°Erecting BAK7 prism
- Mount: AZ Altazimuth Mount
- Optical coating: Multi Antireflection Green Film
- Barlow lens: 3X
- Resolution: ≤2.8
- Angular Field of View: 1°36"
- Tuble connection: Hook Dovetail Plate
- Tripod: 1.27inch stainless steel Tripod
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Product Description
Gskyer Infinity have over 20 years Optical history,Use of Germany's advanced technology, for different groups of people from different telescopes for science, astronomy, exploration, and tourism, etc.Gskyer's value priced Powerseeker 90600AZ is an affordable entry high level telescope with some nice extras like a correct image prism and "The Sky" astronomy.

TELMU Telescope Kids Adults 70mm Portable Travel Telescope Astronomy Refractor Telescopes Universal Wheel Tripod Observing Moon Scenery (Rucksack&Mobile Stands Included) publisher: TELMU
EAN: 0708445630515
sales rank: 5007
price: $79.99 (new)

TELMU 70mm telescopes are for beginning astronomers, and designed to help you become familiar with the night sky. Using the scope, you can start with a look at the moon, move on to the planets of our solar system, and then venture on to the "deep sky" to examine universe secrets!!!

Buy this optical telescope if you answer yes to the following four questions: 
1、Do you want to extend your visual range ?
2、Do you want to nourish children's interest for discovery?
3、Do you have a child that full of curiosity to the stars in the sky and animals on the land?
4、Do you want to find a great toy to tighter your bond with your child?

✓Aiming control and lock
✓Horizontal motion lock
✓Tripod: four adjustment angle 
✓Direction adjustment: up and down elevation 180 ° 
✓Left and right adjustment: 360 °  

-Use low magnification for objects locating, and then use high magnification to magnify it.
-You can put some light thing on the hook at the bottom of the tripod to maintain a balance if needed.


● Type: Refractor Telescope

● Objective Lens: 70mm(2.75")

● Focal Length: 400mm

● Eyepiece: K6mm:67X ; K25mm:16X

● Finderscope: 5×24 with Mounting Bracket

● Prism: 90°Correct Image Prims Diagonal

● Tripod: Adjustable Aluminum Tripod

● Size: 90 * 450 * 1450mm

1x TELMU Telescope Tube
1 x Adjustable tripod
1 x K6mm Eyepiece
1 x K25mm Eyepiece
1 x 5X24 Finderscope
1 x Black Rucksack
1 x Cell Phone Holder
1 x Diagonal
1 x User Manual

Telescope Star Finder with Tripod 360mm 50mm HD Zoom Monocular Space Astronomical Spotting Scope for Kids and Beginner-Merkmak publisher: MGZ9201/ZH01
ASIN: B078B84J8M
EAN: 0712396787020
sales rank: 511
price: $29.99 (new)
Find the new word
The Merkmak Telescope is a unique way to see a world beyond your daily
surroundings and perhaps explore something new! With a hard shell carrying case
included, this telescope comes with everything you need to expand your
horizons and enjoy the world around you.

Key Features:
Simple setup and a sturdy, adjustable, tabletop tripod.
Focus-free, 10x magnification for frustration-free viewing of celestial objects.
The more feature is that telescope can be put on your desk as a decorations.

The details of telescope:
Advanced optical lens group multi-layer wide coating: high transmittance and the
image is clear and sharp.
Ceiling mirror: 90 ° zenith mirror so that the observation process more convenient,
high optical transmittance of optical lenses, easy to operate.
Focusing handwheel: manual focus, using ergonomic engineering, observation more convenient.
Optical finder scope: The use of high-quality optical lens finder, as a secondary
mirror, the function can not be ignored which can help quickly find the tracking stars.
Aluminum tripod: aluminum alloy, three legs solid support, stylish atmosphere, light
and compact, very easy to install and carry.

Model: F36050M with mirror of the stars finder
The light through diameter: 50mm (2.4 ")
Focal length: 360mm.
Oblique mirror: 90 °
Tripod the highest degree: 34cm
Net weight: about 900 grams
Gross weight: about 1.5 kg

Refractor/ focal length: 360mm, aperture: 50mm can be assembled 18times, 90times
Visual throughout the stars: 10.49 and so on
Theoretical resolution: 2.800 arcseconds, which is equivalent to two objects at a
distance of 1.357 cm at 1000 meters.
Light: 0.139
Box size: 400mm * 220mm * 85mm

Get telescope to your children

Landove Telescope 70mm Apeture Travel Scope 400mm AZ Mount - Good Partner to View Moon and Planet - Good Travel Telescope with Backpack for Kids and Beginners publisher: Landove
EAN: 0607994615434
sales rank: 1230
price: $89.99 (new)
Refractor 70mm Apeture 400mm Az Mount Telescope - Good Partner to View Moon and Planet - Travel Scope Starter Kit
Telescope was intended for casual observing, and you will get a lot of enjoyment out of it.
It has all the accessories needed for viewing. High powered eyepiece, low powered eyepiece, adjustable tripod (stable for this size) and fine adjustment control for easy panning.
It is easy to use for land viewing and gives nice views of the moon and its craters, specially use this high powered eyepiece.
For weight, it's pretty lightweight so you can take it outside easily with backpack.

Optical design: Refractor
Aperture: 70mm (2.75 inch)
Focal length: 400mm (15.7 inch)
Focal length: F 5.7
Eyepiece: K25mm, K10mm
Barlow lens: 3X
Finder scope: 5 * 24
Diagonal: 45 ° erect prism diagonal
Resolution: ≤ 3.1
Viewing angle: 2 ° 24
Tripod: Aluminum alloy tripod
Delivery weight: 3.2 kg
Item size: 24.8 in * 8.26 in * 4.33 in
package include:
1X Telescope
1X Backpack
1X Tripod
1X 45 Degree diagonal mirror
1X 3X Barlow Lens
1X Finder Scope
1X K20mm Eyepiece
1X K9mm Eyepiece
1X 1.25”10mm Smartphone Eyepiece Adapter

Telescope 70mm Apeture 400mm AZ Refractor Scope- Travel Scope for Kids and Beginners with Backpack, Tripod and Smartphone Adapter to View Moon and Planet publisher: HHokLH
EAN: 0710280938053
sales rank: 2826
price: $95.99 (new)

Good Partner 70mm Apeture 400mm AZ Telescope to View Moon and Planet and Share fun with your families and friends.

This telescope is a compact and universal telescope with bright image quality and high magnification power. Very suitable for kids and beginners to explore the vast sky,the moon, the planet, star clusters .At the same time you can watch endless landscapes, mountains, rivers, flowers and birds, animals.

This telescope is the best gift to teach children nature and life.

Our telescope allows children to stay away from electronic products. Children have many doubts about the moon, let them explore, they will find joy. Therefore, the telescope can properly develop the children's astronomy hobby.

Telescope setup and all included accessories fit in the custom, designed backpack carry case.

Its light weight of just 6.5 lbs. makes it easy for kids and beginners to take the telescope anywhere.

Suitable for watching the moon and planets,with a portable backpack, your good partner.

Take pictures of the moon, the beautiful scenery with the Smartphone Eyepiece Adapter. Share fun with your families and friends.


Optical design:Refractor

Aperture:70mm (2.75 inch)

Focal length:400mm (15.7 inch)

Focal length:F 5.7

Eyepiece: K20mm, K9mm

Lens:3X Barlow Lens

Finder scope:5 x 24

Diagonal:45 ° erect prism diagonal

Resolution: ≤ 3.1

Viewing angle:2 ° 24

Tripod:Aluminum alloy tripod

Delivery weight: 3.2 kg

Item size: 24.8 x 8.26 x 4.33 inch

Package include:

1X Telescope

1X Backpack

1X Tripod

1X 45 Degree diagonal mirror

1X 3x Barlow Lens

1X Finder Scope

1X K20mm Eyepiece

1X K9mm Eyepiece

1X 10mm Smartphone Eyepiece Adapter

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