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F.DORLA Waterproof Monocular 25x30 Zoomable Vintage Pirate Adjustable Telescopic Monocular Optics Telescope Brass Spyglass for Navigation Sailing Voyage View Watching Games publisher: shiontec
EAN: 0603404400911
sales rank: 22485
price: $18.85 (new)

Material: Metal
Magnification: 25
Object diameter: 30mm
Exit pupil diameter: 1.2mm
Field of view: 162m/1000m
Minimum focusing distance: 6.5 ft
Contraction length: 135mm / 5.3in
Extended length: 33cm / 13.0in
Product weight: 213g / 7.5oz
Package size: 15 * 5.5 * 5.5cm / 5.9 * 2.2 * 2.28in
Package weight: 261g / 9.2oz

HOW TO USE Your Handheld Telescope:
1. Keep the scope folded and stored when you don't use it.
2. Pull the Barlow all the way out.
3. Point the objecttive lens to the object and look through from eyepiece. Slightly push the barlow in for focusing until you can see the object. Sometimes it is necessary to pull a bit out ward again if you have pushed too much in. By pushing and pulling the barlow bit by bit, the image will be visible gradually.
4. With slow and tiny motion, rotate the eyepiece bit by bit to push and pull the barlow so as to reach a sharp image.
Note: The motion for micro-adjustment of focus must be made slowly bit by bit.

Package List:
1 * Monocular Telescope
1 * Clean Cloth
1 * Pouch
1 * User Manual

**Place your order now and buy with confidence.If you have any problem with our products ,please contact us by email or ask the question on the product page.We will try our best to solve your problem!

Celestron 21041 60mm PowerSeeker AZ Telescope publisher: Celestron
EAN: 0000030483088
sales rank: 4600
price: $49.99 (new)
Affordable telescope for beginning astronomer; portable yet powerful All-glass optical components with high transmission coatings for enhanced image brightness and clarity Refractor optical design with a 60mm aperture and 700mm focal length Altazimuth mount suitable for terrestial viewing as well as astronomical use Includes 3x Barlow Lens (1.25), 20mm eyepiece, 4mm eyepiece, aluminum tripod with accessory tray

Monocular Telescope, Pajuva High Power Monocular Scope Waterproof Monoculars with Phone Clip and Tripod for Cell Phone for Bird Watching publisher: Pajuva
EAN: 0606578236461
sales rank: 756
price: $19.99 (new)

Monocular Telescope High Power, Pajuva 40x60 Monocular Scope Waterproof
Monoculars with Phone Clip and Tripod for Cell Phone for Bird Watching,
Hunting, Camping, Hiking, Outdoor, Surveillance

1.Monocular with 40X60 magnification
2.The high-quality optics provide high quality image.
3.Suitable for travel, fishing, hiking, birds watching and outdoor activities.
4.Durable, high quality material is also suitable for harsh environments.
5.Works well in low light and night
6.Multi coated optics guarantee superior light transmission and brightness
7.Dual focus capability
8.Single hand operation
9.Powerful, ultra-compact and ultra-lightweight
10.Objective lens: The diameter of the objective or front lens.
11.The larger the objective lens, the more light, and the brighter the image
12.Day night vision.It will help you see things in low light, it doesn't help you see things in the dark

Magnification: 40x
Field Angle: 6.4 Degrees
Type of Prism - BAK4
Field of view: 1500M/9500M
Lens coating: Fully multi-coated
Eye Lens Diameter: 22mm
Objective lens diameter: 60 mm
Dimensions(in): 2.16(L)x2.75(W)x5.90(H)
Weight: 330g

Package Included:
1 x Monocular Telescope
1 x Lens Cloth
1 x Lens Covers
1 x Hand Strap
1 x Cloth Bag
1 x User Manual
1 x Phone Clip
1 x Tripod

1. Do not look directly at the sun through a telescope, otherwise it will hurt your eyes.
2. Please put it in a dry place if it is long term unused.
3. Wipe the lens with dry and clean cloth. If there are some stubborn stains, please use the cloth dipped some alcohol. It would be easy to remove.

Orion 8945 SkyQuest XT8 Classic Dobsonian Telescope publisher: Orion
EAN: 0759270089450
sales rank: 2814
price: $399.99 (new)
A powerful and capable telescope, the Orion SkyQuest XT8 Classic Dobsonian is one of our most popular reflectors due to its elegant combination of precision optics, mechanical simplicity, and rock-solid stability. You and your whole family will appreciate the bright, clear views of the night sky provided by the XT8 Classic. The Moon and planets of our solar system like Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars shine brightly in the SkyQuest XT8 Classic, allowing you to inspect them in detail. The XT8's 8-inch aperture is also large enough to gather a significant amount of light from more distant celestial objects for great views of sparkling star clusters, cloudy nebulas, and faraway galaxies. The XT8 Classic Dob is a tremendous value considering the high quality views it provides on such a wide variety of celestial objects. The point-and-view simplicity of the Dobsonian design is not as complicated as an equatorial (EQ) mount and tripod, so with a little practice, your whole family can scan the heavens just like experienced hobbyists. For any astronomer seeking serious adventure, the XT8 Classic Dob has it all!

Celestron NexStar 130SLT Computerized Telescope publisher: Celestron
EAN: 0050234311458
sales rank: 278
price: $384.86 (new), $330.24 (used)
The popularity of our NexStar 114 models inspired us to go bigger! We are proud to introduce NexStar 130SLT. The NexStar 130SLT has 30% more light-gathering power than our 114 mm telescope. And the 130SLT, like the other models in the SLT Series, comes with a fully computerized hand control. The computerized hand control gives you the ability to automatically slew to any of its 4,000+ objects, including over 600 galaxies, 300 clusters and dozens of beautiful binary stars. With its pre-assembled, adjustable steel tripod, the NexStar 130SLT can be up and ready to use in a matter of minutes. Our new SkyAlign alignment technology and the included StarPointer Finderscope with a red LED, makes aligning a breeze. View the details of the lunar surface, the rings of Saturn, the polar ice caps on Mars, the cloud belts on Jupiter or a number of the Messier objects such as the globular cluster in Hercules (M13), or the Great Nebula in Orion (M42). Begin to explore some of the fainter Messier objects using the additional light-gathering capabilities of the 130SLT’s 5" primary mirror. Because of the Newtonian design, the mirror gives fully color-corrected views that are best suited for astronomical use.

Telescope 70mm Apeture Travel Scope 400mm AZ Mount - Good Partner to View Moon Planet - Good Travel Telescope Backpack Kids Beginners publisher: Solomark
EAN: 0607994610941
sales rank: 571
price: $89.99 (new), $78.74 (used)
1X Telescope
1X Backpack
1X Tripod
1X 45 Degree diagonal mirror
1X 3X Barlow Lens
1X Finder Scope
1X K20mm Eyepiece
1X K9mm Eyepiece
1X 1.25”10mm Smartphone Eyepiece Adapter

Aomekie Telescope for Adults Kids and Astronomy Beginners 70mm Travel Scope Refractor Telescopes with Adjustable Tripod publisher: AOMEKIE
EAN: 0785004645784
sales rank: 8769
price: $59.99 (new)
AOMEKIE AO2002 400X70mm refractor telescope is a quality and reliable telescope for beginners.
How would you like to see the craters on the moon and planets of the solar system with great details? How about a clear, breathtaking view of the planet Jupiter? Aomekie Refractor Telescope is an amazing tool to magnify the sky, introduce and instill the love of astronomy to children early on!

The stable aluminium triop is adjustable to suit stargazing convenience. Locks in solidly, stays right in place for steady images.

Since a telescope has a narrow field of view by design, it can be challenging to LOCATE A PARTICULAR STAR or PLANET. For this reason the telescope is fitted with a low-power, wide-field miniature telescope called a finder scope.

Note: Object in the finder scope are upside down. This is normal and is common to all astronomical telescopes.

Magnifaction=Focal Length/Eyepiece

A lower magnification should be used for the observation of the stars. This provides a wider field of view and simplifies aiming the telescope at the desired object.

The maximum magnification should be used only for particularly clear objects such as the moon, which is relatively close to the Earth and very bright, permitting good resolution of details at high magnification.

Always start viewing with your 25mm eyepiece. This is your low power eyepiece and its wide viewing field will make it easier to locate objects. Once you have located an object and the view is clear you may wish to change to the high power eyepiece.

1 x Telescope tube
1 x k25mm eyepiece (X16)
1 x k6mm eyepiece (X66)
1 x Adjustable aluminum tripod
1 x 45° diagonal mirror
1 x 5X24 Finderscope
1 x User manual

Meade Instruments Infinity 102mm AZ Refractor Telescope publisher: Meade
EAN: 6998796262266
sales rank: 1302
price: $209.96 (new), $194.21 (used)
Ideal for the observer who views both astronomical and terrestrial objects, the Meade Infinity Series combines an altazimuth mount and quality optics for a superb value. For newcomers and beginners alike, these refracting telescopes are a great way for you to discover the cosmos and the outdoors. You’ll discover more with the Meade Infinity Series.

If you’ve never owned a telescope before, the Infinity 102 Refractor is the best telescope to get started in astronomy. This large 102mm (4.0") aperture gives bright, sharp images for both land and celestial objects. Whether you're viewing the rings of Saturn, the moons around Jupiter, nebulae, or land objects, the Infinity 102 Refractor allows the first-time observer to explore the world, solar system, and beyond.

Pros: Right-side up image means you can use it for daytime observing (birds, hunting, ocean, etc)
Large aperture size lets you see more
Easy assembly
Refractor means you don’t have mirrors to align (collimate); it’s ready to go out of the box

Tracking celestial objects is less easy than an EQ mount because the controls function left, right, up, down whereas EQ mounts turn with the rotation of the Earth

Q: How is this telescope different than the other Infinity models (90, 80, 70, etc)?
A: The differences between each model are aperture size. The bigger the aperture, the more light-gathering power the telescope will have, resulting in brighter, detailed images. The Infinity 102 differs from other Infinity models because it has a 102mm aperture, the largest of the Infinity series. The Infinity 102 comes with a panhandle attached to the mount, allowing for easy adjustments when locating an object, while the Infinity 50, 60, and 70 do not. It also comes with 3 eyepieces, while the Infinity 60 and 70 come with two.

Celestron NexStar 8 SE Telescope publisher: Celestron
EAN: 0502341106392
sales rank: 1536
price: $1,199.00 (new), $500.00 (used)
StarBright XLT high transmission coatings SkyAlign allows alignment on any three bright celestial objects, making for a rapid, efficient alignment process. It then functions as a 'go-to' system accepting commands through the handset and pointing the optical assembly toward any one of nearly 40,000 objects stored in its database. Using the (optional) CN-16 GPS accessory connection and an external GPS (not included), alignment is entirely automatic. NexRemote telescope control software and RS-232 cable included for advanced control of the telescope with a PC StarPointer finderscope helps with alignment and locating objects Flash-upgradeable hand control software and motor control units by way of downloadable updates Robust, computerized altazimuth mount Star Diagonal internal flip mirror for straight or 90-degree viewing angle. May also be used to rapidly switch from the eyepiece to a camera without disturbing telescope alignment Exceptionally sturdy steel tripod for long service and rapier-sharp astrophotography

Celestron 21061 AstroMaster 70AZ Refractor Telescope publisher: Celestron
EAN: 0050234210614
sales rank: 232
price: $99.95 (new), $92.45 (used)

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