Pods and Capsules

Coffee Story

People have been drinking coffee since the 16th century and have made mornings more agreeable. Since the 16th century a huge range of different coffee-based drinks have emerged, and there is a machine for ever type to make you the coffee you want.

There are manual filter espresso machine the type found in a coffee-shop which provides a jug of hot coffee and there is coffee pod or capsule machine; the choice depends on how you like your cup of coffee.

type of coffee drinks:

  1. Espresso (Short Black ) a one shot in an espresso cup.
  2. Double Espresso ( Doppio) two shots in an espresso cup.
  3. Short Macchiato same as a one shot espresso in a glass or cup with a dollop of steam milk and foam on top.
  4. Long Macchiato as with the short Macchiato but two shots of expresso in a cup or glass.
  5. Ristretto is made by having an espresso (Short Black ) but with half the amount of water in it. This makes the cup more concentrated and a darker espresso extraction.
  6. Americano is a long black, an espresso shot is extracted in a 2/3rds full cup of hot water.
  7. A café latte, or “latte”, an espresso with steamed milk and micro-foam added to the coffee.
  8. Piccolo latte (small latte) made in an espresso cup, same as a one shot espresso or one ristretto coffee, with added steamed milk and small amount of foam.
  9. Cappuccino same as a latte but served in a cup rather than a glass, and a cappuccino has more foam and sprinkled chocolate placed on top of the drink.
  10. Flat white made the same as a cappuccino with steamed milk but does not come with any foam or chocolate on top, primarily found in Australia and New Zealand.
  11. Mocha a mixture between a cappuccino and a hot chocolate, made by adding chocolate powder, steamed milk and foam to an espresso one shot in a large cup or glass.
  12. Affogato (drowned) an Italian coffee-based summer dessert is made with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream or gelato that is "affogato" or "drowned" by poring a single or double shot of espresso on the ice cream in a tumbler glass, you can vary it by including a shot of amaretto or other liqueur.

Nesspresso coffee

If you are looking for the perfect cup of coffee, a manual espresso, filter, Nespresso and bean-to-cup coffee machines is the best buy for you.